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The Parish of Halas

A website for the Church of England Parish Churches in Cradley, Halesowen, Hasbury, Lapal and Romsley


If you're interested in joining with us in our worship, our fellowship, our work or any part of our daily journey with God, do please get in touch. 

We'll always make you feel welcome and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

 Open, diverse and inclusive churches

Halas Parish Together 


This week's Prayer


Please use this prayer during the next week. 

Almighty God,
as your kingdom dawns,
turn us from the darkness of sin
to the light of holiness,
that we may be ready to meet you
in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.



The Black Country Food bank needs our particular support at the moment to answer significant need in our community.  If you can't get supplies to them, you can give financially through their website.  Click on the logo 

Worship in The Parish of Halas Sunday 3rd December 2023


St Margaret's, Hasbury - 11.15am Holy Communion

St John's, Halesowen- 9.30am Holy Communion, 3.30pm Christingle Service,

6.30pm Advent Carol Service

St Peter's Lapal - 9.30am Holy Communion

St Kenelm's, Romsley - 11.15am All Together (in Church Hall)

St Peter's, Cradley - 10.30am Family Service, 6.30pm Advent Carol Service 

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Click on the picture to the left for online 



Find out more about the project here and see a list of suggestions for an inscription here

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Our clergy : The Licensed Clergy of the Halas team

Revd Canon Hazel Charlton
Team Rector
St Johns, Halesowen
07895 107095

Mthr Victoria Barlow
St Margarets Hasbury
St Peters Cradley
07585 264050 (text only)

Revd Chris Henson
St Peters Lapal
St Kenelms, Romsley


Revd Sue Hale
Associate Minister

07946 700236

Revd Mel Beynon
Curate to the team

07891 779871

Revd Rachel Homer
Curate to the team


Our readers : The Licensed Lay Ministers of the Halas team


Susan Cresswell


Karen Chaplin


Sally Spencer


Pat Hall


Charles Morgan


116 123

Women's Aid

 01384 455411


0800 1111


Helping men who suffer domestic abuse

Helping men who abuse to stop

0808 802 4040

Citizens' Advice

03444 111 445

Weekly Worship in our Churches

St Peter Cradley

Every Sunday except 1st of the month: 9:30am Communion

1st Sunday of each month 10:30am All Age Worship

St John the Baptist, Halesowen

Every Sunday:  9:30am Communion

2nd & 4th Sundays of the month: 6:30pm Evensong

3rd Sunday of the month: 8am Prayer Book Communion

Every Tuesday:       7pm  Compline

Every Thursday:   12 noon Quiet Communion

St Margaret of Antioch Hasbury

Every Sunday: 11:00am Communion

Every Wednesday: 7pm Communion

St Peter Lapal

Every Sunday: 9:30am Eucharist

Every Wednesday: 10am Prayer Book Eucharist

St Kenelm's Romsley 

1st Sun of the month: 

2nd & 4th Sunday of the month: 11:15am Communion Church

3rd & 5th Sunday of the month: 4pm Evening Prayer Hall

Every Wednesday: 4pm Evening Prayer in the Hall

Please remember in your prayers those who have died recently and those who love and miss them:

Elizabeth Doulson 

Stephen Clift 

Janet Cole

Ronald George

Marian Cole

Carol Bannister

Mike Ingram

Ivor Young


The Halesowen Welcome Group

was an initiative of local Churches for asylum seekers and refugees and Halas has been involved from the beginning.  The video will give you some idea about the group's work.


volunteering in dudley borough

The form is attached here please return it to their lovely admin team on so so they can add their details to our list of available volunteers.


and in romsley & hunnington

If you live in Romsley or Hunnington and wish to volunteer, ring

079 079 76915

What happens if I am sick and need prayer?

Please contact the clergy.  We are  able to visit in person either to your home or hosptial and care homes. If that is not possible we are more than happy to be on the phone and pray with you.  And of course we'll keep you in our private prayers and the prayers of the church community if you should you wish it. 

What happens if someone needs Last Rites?

If someone you care for is in hospital, contact the hospital chaplaincy immediately, but please also let the Parish Clergy know.  If they are at home, please contact the parish clergy directly.  Our numbers are under our photos at the top of this page.

What happens if I need to arrange a funeral?

We are always here to take funerals.  The Funeral Director will be in touch with us if you would like a Church of England minister to conduct the service.  The restrictions on numbers which were in force during lockdown no longer apply, although we may need to be careful with larger funerals since we still have an obligation to keep people safe and not allow overcrowding - it varies from building to building but we can talk about that easily.  

What happens if I want to arrange a christening?

Please contact Lizzi in the Parish Office, who is happy to discuss possible dates with you .

What happens if I want to book a wedding?

Please contact Lizzi in the parish office.  The restrictions on numbers which were in force during lockdown no longer apply, although we may need to be careful with larger gatherings since we still have an obligation to keep people safe and not allow overcrowding - it varies from building to building but we can talk about that easily.  


for Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

If you have any concerns, questions or enquiries regarding safeguarding, please contact our Parish Safeguarding Officer

Melanie Case

Each of our five churches has a

Safeguarding Representative who will be happy

to address any questions you may have:

St Peter Cradley: Sharon Turner

St John Halesowen: Sue Harding

St Kenelm Romsley: Pat Hall

St Margaret Hasbury: Alan Hughes  

St Peter Lapal: Sue Bicknell

If you wish to get in touch with

the Diocese of Worcester Safeguarding Team directly then contact:

Hilary Higton 07495060869

or Delia Stokes 07376374380

Please click here to view our Parish Safeguarding Policy

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