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 20 March

Normal Sunday morning service times except:


St John's Halesowen which will start at 9.15am


St Peter's Lapal will be a joint service with Carters Lane Baptist Church starting at 10am at St Peter's

21 March

St Peter's Cradley at 7.30pm Holy Communion

22 March

St Margarets Hasbury at 7.30pm Holy Communion

23 March

St John's Halesowen at 7.30pm Holy Communion

 25 March

St Peter's, Cradley         10.00am       Children's event

                                             2.00pm        Journey to the Cross


St John's, Halesowen     12noon        Family Service

                                               1.00pm       Stations of the Cross

                                              2.00pm        Liturgy of the Cross


St Margaret's, Hasbury   10.00am     Family Service

                                               12.30pm     Stations of the Cross

                                                 2.00pm     Liturgy of the Cross


St Peter's, Lapal                10.30am     Joint service at Carters

                                                                     Green Baptist Church with

                                                                     activites for children

                                                 2.00pm     An hour at the Cross


St Kenelm's, Romsley      10.00am    Children's event

                                                 7.30pm     Evening meditation



 24 March

St Peter's, Lapal               7.00pm     Agape supper

St Peter's, Cradley           7.30pm     Holy Communion

St John's, Halesowen     7.30pm     Holy Communion with foot washing

St Kenelm's, Romsley     7.30pm     Holy Communion with foot washing

(in St Kenelm's Hall)

St Margaret, Hasbury     8.00pm     Holy Communion with foot washing

 26 March

St Peter's, Cradley               7.30pm     Easter Vigil

St Margaret's, Hasbury      8.00pm     Easter Vigil

St John's, Halesowen         9.00pm     Easter Vigil

 26 March

7.00am    St Kenelm's Romsley        Easter Ceremonies

8.00am    St Peter's Cradley              Easter Ceremonies followed by breakfast

8.00am    St John's Halesowen        Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

9.30am    St Peter's Cradley              Holy Communion

9.30am    St John's Halesowen        Holy Communion

9.30am    St Peter's Lapal                  Holy Communion

11.00am  St Margaret's Hasbury    Mass

11.15am  St Kenelm's Romsley       Holy Communion

6.30pm    St John's Halesowen        Choral Evensong

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