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Easter Day

times are approximate, and videos will remain available afterwards

there will be a short break between each section but this will be a continuous act of worship and the first Eucharist celebrated in the Parish of Halas since lockdown.  You may want to to have to hand a copy of the act of Spiritual Communion available here


Easter Day 10:00am 

Blessing the Light &

lighting the Easter Candle


Easter Day 10:15am: 

The Good News of Easter proclaimed & preached


Easter Day 10:30am 

Offering our prayers

and renewing our promises


Easter Day 10:45am

Holy Eucharist: Christ the true and living bread

Easter Eve: Holy Saturday


A Holy Saturday

(Easter Eve)

reflection on the

Lord's Prayer

Framing the Silence:  

click here or on the picture.

8pm Compline and Meditation

for Holy Saturday (Easter Eve)

Good Friday

A video meditation on twenty objects in the passion story,

and a page with reflections on the Stations of the Cross from different people around the parish..

The way of the cross.

Fourteen reflections on Jesus' last journey

with the stations at St John's


The Passion of Jesus Christ in twenty objects

Maundy Thursday Evening Meditations

Here are four meditations on the events of

Thursday night for you to watch in your own time,

either one after the other

or ideally spaced through the evening.



Jesus washes

his disciples' feet



The Lord's Supper

3: The Garden of Gethsemane Look at Vasily Perov's painting of

"Christ in Gethsemane"  Христос в Гефсиманском саду  and listen to the audio

Garden of Gethsemane
Rob audio


Betrayal and Arrest

Sunday Compline & Meditation

Jesus enters Jerusalem

Monday Compline & Meditation

Jesus cleanses the Temple

Tuesday Compline & Meditation

Jesus is anointed at Bethany

Wednesday Compline & Meditation

Jesus is betrayed

Holy Week at Home for Families together

Prayers and activities for every day of Holy Week for families to use at home together.  This is a resource from a Church in South Africa which Katryn knows well, and they've done an impressive job!  CLICK HERE

Making your own Palm Cross
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