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Week Day Services

Halas Team have a range of services across the five churches offering a variety of service styles and times; there ought to be something that you will find appropriate. And if there is not a suitable service for you, contact us and let us know.

As well as published services, special arrangements can be made for sacrament/holy communion at home, private payer and contemplation as well as school assemblies and services in old people’s homes.


Weekday Worship in the Halas Team




7.00pm Holy Eucharist at St Margaret's, Hasbury

7.00pm Compline at St John's



9.15am   Morning Prayer at St Peter's, Lapal

10.00am Holy Communion at St Peter's, Lapal   Traditional language 1662

4:30pm   Evening Prayer at St Kenelm's Church Hall, Romsley

7.00pm   Evening Prayer at St Margaret's, Hasbury



9.15am Morning Prayer at St Peter's Lapal 

12 noon Holy Communion St John's 
4.00pm Evening Prayer at St Margaret's 







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